La Trappe Quadruple magnum bottle Limited Edition

Good news for fans of matured beer. The creator of beer style Quadruple has released a special magnum bottle on the market in limited edition. The same beer, but in a larger, specially developed bottle.

The bottle – developed by the O-I factory in Rinteln Germany – was developed to allow the beer to mature. When the bottle and the beer do their best, the quadruple will develop further in the bottle, eventually making the taste rounder and softer.

Taste the silence.

Striking about the bottle are the details on the outside. For example, there is a bottling year on the side of the bottle and the expiration date is 10 years after production, while this is normally 3 years.

La Trappe Quadruple is already an excellent beer for maturing (and for drinking fresh), we are curious about the result and have some in the cellar.